Supporting the personal and professional development of Women Chartered Secretaries.

For the past 90 years we have been supporting the personal and professional development of women chartered secretaries.

AWCS members have access to a lively programme of educational, social and networking events. Our exclusive mentoring scheme enables those who are new to our profession to draw on the knowledge of more experienced members.

Upcoming Events

The Committee organises events, at least monthly, ranging from technical, personal development and social events.

  • Tue
    6:15 pm

    The advent of the EU Non-Financial Reporting Directive (EU NFRD) in 2017 has brought environmental and social reporting to the fore for many large organisations. Awareness of environmental compliance is escalating and investors are increasingly asking probing questions about the non-financial performance of companies. But how do you know if your organisation is meeting the wide range of mandatory and voluntary environmental reporting regimes? How can you build investor confidence?
    Join Julie Craig, Director of Reporting, and Martin Sedgwick, Principal Consultant, Carbon Smart who will take us through the rapidly changing environmental reporting landscape, and provide insight into best practice for 2018. For more information please contact

  • Tue
    5:45 pmMansion House, St Paul's and Blackfriars

    How to speak up, present your arguments well and influence others.

    We can own our expertise, and share it openly with others, from a place of wanting to add value and a willingness to engage. Or - we can sit comfortably silent, keeping our knowledge and insight to ourselves, waiting to be asked.

    Your opinion does matter.  Your views are unique to you, your thoughtful voice is your gift and when you own your voice and speak up, you are an integral part of driving change. Change is vital for yourself and others, for your business.

    Karen Kircher will give thoughtful insight into how can you have greater influence in your business environment and what holds you back from challenging and speaking up in meetings.

    Contact: by Tuesday 29 May 2018. 

  • Thu

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